Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 1 of My Teaching Journey

GOING BACK TO SCHOOL, it's now or never.
I finally decided to go back to school and get my credentials and masters. I've been teaching preschool for a while now and I am ready to teach elementary kids.

As I begin the preparation process there's is a lot I am learning. My EDEL 315 (Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching) course no longer is valid. It "expires" after 5 years. So, if you are planning on applying for your teaching credentials make sure it's within the 5 year mark or you'll have to retake! Also, DO NOT LOSE YOUR evaluation form from that course, or you'll have to retake the course and redo your 45 hours of classroom observations, before being accepted into the program, or just beg the teacher(s) to sign the form again. 

Here's my to do list I made to make sure I get into the multiple subject teaching credential/masters program at CSUF for Fall 2015:
  1. Fill out the EDEL 315 waiver form and petition to NOT retake the course!
  2. Study for CBEST and CSET
  3. Register one month in advance for CBEST & CSET at, so May for me
  4. Take the CBEST & CSET in June
  5. Contact 2 professor that I haven't spoken to in at least 5 years, and request a letter of recommendation..wish me luck
  6. Get fingerprinted/background check
  7. Write my 3-5 page autobiography on why I want to be a teacher by September 
  8. Request and submit my test scores (take 3-4 weeks to get results)
  9. Apply on October 1st for CSUF through CSUMentor
  10. Start a file with CSUF Credential Program and submit all requirements
  11. Apply by November 30th for the multiple subject credential program 
  12. Begin scholarship essay and application process
  13. Apply by March 1st for Advance Studies Scholarship
  14. Retake my CPR course Summer of 2015
I need to accomplish all of  this in the next 6 months all while wearing many hats. I'm going to attempt to juggle married life, working as full-time preschool teacher, being a part-time preschool blogger, an after school dance instructor and Spanish tutor.