Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CBEST vs. CSET, you don't have to take both!

The Truth is you only need to take the CSET! 

Save yourself money and time by ONLY taking the CSET and an additional subtest. I recently went to UCI's Multiple Subject Credential Program Orientation and found out, that if you are planning on getting your California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, within 5 years, it's better to take the general CSET first and add the subtest 142.

CSET 101, 102, 103 + Subtest 142 of the CSET exam= comprises a substitute for the CBEST :)

In actuality, It cheaper and smarter to take the CSET first!

I Just bought my CSET study guide and here is a helpful link to lots of CSET resources

You're Welcome ;)